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From The Trebon are two nature trails.

Nature Trail health Hrádeček that can handle the small children. At 3.6 km circuit will enjoy the beauty of trees Trebon area.

The second trail is a “Journey around the world”. Do not worry, this is just the way around the pond world with 16 information boards. Nevertheless, this circuit is 12 km long.


In the Třeboň region, interwoven with cycling trails, everybody will find the best trail suitable for their equipment and physical possibilities. A popular trail leads around Třeboň and Rožmberk and through Stará Hlína.
Nature trail “Rožmberk” – a circuit of 22 km which introduces the local ponds.
Natural trail “Okolo Třeboně” (“Around Třeboň”) – a circuit of 39 km.
While cycling around the region, one shouldn’t forget to stop by the Rožmberk pond which is currently the largest Czech pond. And once we are here, we can try to observe the curvature of the Earth on the pond’s surface. Let’s borrow a boat and paddle away from the dam while someone else is watching, with their face just above the water, and checking whether they can still see us. Rožmberk, the largest pond in the Czech Republic and Central Europe, was built during the years 1584-1590 by Jakub Krčín z Jelčan and nowadays covers an area of 489 hectares. The two-stage pond dam, 2,430 m long and 12 m high, is covered by a line of mighty oaks.
Stará Hlína – Two stone inundation bridges from the years 1781 and 1799, of 5 and 12 spans, can be found here; one spanning the southern point of the Vítek pond, the other one the Lužnice river by the village Stará Hlína. These bridges are technical sights.
Třeboň – A town pulsating with the pleasant life of a spa resort whose history goes as far back as the middle of the 12th century. Not only has one of the biggest castles in the Czech Republic been preserved in Třeboň, the town also has a historical centre with numerous architectonical sights and preserved fortification walls. The local monuments include a former Augustinian monastery, a Gothic two-nave church of St. Gilles’, a Renaissance church of St. Elisabeth on the outskirts, an originally late-Gothic cemetery church, and the neogothic Schwarzenberg tomb located in the natural park between the Svět pond and Opatovický pond. The tomb is an important neogothic construction from the years 1874-1877 and has a number of rarities. The spas, founded only in the last century, take advantage of the healing effects of peat on the locomotive system.

Trips to Třeboň and Southern Bohemia


The town of Třeboň is located in the lowland area called the Třeboň Basin. It is the centre of CHKO Třeboňsko, a protected landscape park. During the last decades, spa industry and tourism have gone through the most dynamic development and they significantly affect the town’s appearance and character as an ideal place for relaxation, recreation, entertainment, and education. Třeboň has many beautiful places of interest; for example, take an easy walk to the Schwarzenberg tomb located in the middle of an English garden or visit the Třeboň Castle. Local well-known restaurants with fish specialities are definitely worth visiting as well.

České Budějovice

In the middle of a picturesque landscape of the surrounding flatlands, in the shade of the Kleť mountain, the capital of South Bohemia – České Budějovice – can be found on the confluence of the rivers Vltava and Malše. The city was founded in 1265 by the Czech king Ottokar II of Bohemia.
The historical centre of České Budějovice was declared an urban preservation area in 1980. It has preserved a regular ground plan with the square-shaped Přemysl Otakar II Square which is, with its size of 133 x 133 m, one of the largest squares in the Czech Republic. Arcades and a number of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque houses can be seen here.
For more information on the city and local events, see www.c-budejovice.cz

The chateau of Hluboká

The chateau of Hluboká

The compound of buildings and carefully designed landscape make this chateau one of the most important complexes of the Romantic period in Central Europe. Hluboká entered history in 1285 when the estate was ruled by Vítek, brother of Záviš of Falkenštejn. After Záviš was charged with high treason and Vítek refused to surrender the Hluboká chateau to the royalty, Záviš was executed in front of the chateau in 1290.
The next owners of the estate were, among others, Vilém of Pernštejn, Jáchym of Hradec, and the Schwarzenberg family.
For more information, see www.zamek-hluboka.eu

Jindřichův Hradec Castle and Chateau

Jindřichův Hradec Castle and Chateau

The castle and chateau rank among the most beautiful and impressive castle complexes in the country.
The complex was first built as a castle of the nobility, standing above the confluence of the Hamerský brook and the Nežárka river, and the first written record mentioning it comes from around 1200. The most spectacular rebuilding of the place, which turned the Gothic castle into a splendid Renaissance palace, took place in the second half of the 16th century under the rule of the last lords of Hradec. Later owners, the Slavata family and the Černín family, did not make any significant changes to the castle but they equipped it with valuable furniture.
For more information, see www.zamek-jindrichuvhradec.eu

Červená Lhota Castle

Červená Lhota Castle

This castle ranks among the most beautiful Czech castles. It can be rightfully described as a fairytale castle which is manifested by the number of film fairytales that were shot here. The castle is located on the border of South Bohemia, about 44 km from Třeboň, and we warmly recommend visiting it.
The castle was built in the middle of a pond and its unusual red colour is mirrored in its waters. Besides visiting the castle as such, visitors might be also interested in the possibility to go on a boat ride on the pond. A very interesting legend is connected with the castle, explaining the red colour of this Gothic building, and the guides will surely remember to tell the story during the tour.
For more information, see www.zamek-cervenalhota.eu